About the band

Is dit jouw favoriete stijl, dan moet je ze horen! Professioneel zijn ze in ieder geval! - Popunie.

Jacklust rockt de kersen van de taart. Wat een knalfeest! - Bandcoach Nederland.

Party!!! - Wings of Death.

Mixing trashy riffs with punk, sleaze, booze, and lots and lots of backing vocals, that’s what the punks from Jacklust do best.

The band Jacklust was formed in Rotterdam, somewhere in late 2011 and consists of guitarist Tizzy Wyre, El Barto Loco on the drums, bass player Dr.High and Yellow on the main vocals.

Having played with the likes of Sister, Adam Bomb, Rusted, and many more, having been played on English and American radio a dozen times and were even featured on the compilation CD of the praised Devolution Magazine! They wreak havoc at the venues they play at and usually leave their fans wondering just one thing: “What the hell happened last night?”. Renowned for their fast lyrics, loud guitars and a 'fuck things up' attitude, these guys are always in for a party, although they usually take it a bit too far.

After having dropped their EP, called Primitive Measures, they were ready to take the world by storm. A white lightning fuelled storm. They later decided that the world was still too intact for their taste, so they decided to record a one/off single with a highly acclaimed video clip ‘Megaloathe’ in late 2014. In 2015 bass player Sidious and drummer H.D. decided to quit the band, which was a bit of a backlash, but the remaining members couldn’t sit still. They recruited the killer bass player Towah of Powah and a beast of a drummer El Barto Loco, who laid the killer foundation of their upcoming new singles. Needless to say, they’re back with a vengeance. The golden era of Jacklust has begun!