Tizzy Wyre

Date of Birth:



Uhm..1.79 m or something I think. I know, I’m short. Shut the fuck up.

Yer Favorite Movie?

The Last Samurai/The Lost Boys/Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Favorite band?

Hardcore Superstar

Favorite drink?

Beer and energy drinks (no monster or rockstar though, can’t fuckin’ stand ‘em)

Sex or beer?

Drinking beer while having sex!


Louise Cliffe, hands down.

What’s your input in Jacklust?

Basically only playing our kickass riffs and stealing groupies away from the other band members.

Last but not least, Tizzy, why are you so damn awesome?

That’s an interesting question Tizzy. Aside from the fact that I ‘play’ guitar and have long hair, I think it’s always been like this. I mean, I can’t actually play the guitar, we’re always playing a backing track for the live shows. I usually just stand there and dodging papers with phone numbers on that guys always throw at me for some reason.